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Casio Fc-200V

Harga Satuan
Calculator Financial
Dual-Power ( AAA-size battery and solar-cell )
Size (H x W x D): 12,2 x 80,0 x 161,00 mm

Harga: Rp.500.000

Sale / Discount - Casio HR-8tm

Harga Satuan

Harga: Rp.250.000
Harga: Rp.215.000
Hemat: Rp.35.000

Sale / Discount - Casio DR-140TM

Harga Satuan
Power Listrik
14 digits
2 Color Prints
Printer print-out

Harga: Rp.1.000.000
Harga: Rp.900.000
Hemat: Rp.100.000

Sale / Discount - Presicalc PR-350MS

Harga Satuan
Scientific Calculator
240 Functions
10+2 digits
Stat-Data Editor

Harga: Rp.40.000
Harga: Rp.35.000
Hemat: Rp.5.000

Sale / Discount - Casio fx-991ms

Harga Satuan
Dual Power
401 Functions

Harga: Rp.180.000
Harga: Rp.165.000
Hemat: Rp.15.000

Sale / Discount - Casio fx-350 MS

Harga Satuan
Scientific Calculator
2-LINE Display
240 Functions

Harga: Rp.130.000
Harga: Rp.110.000
Hemat: Rp.20.000

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